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To access the Tel-Law library and listen to the taped messages, just dial (337) 262-5850 or 800-4-TEL-LAW and follow the instructions.  If you would like to see written versions of the taped messages, visit the Louisiana State Bar Association's web site.  Below is a list of the 9 major Tel-Law categories.

Tel-Law Major Categories


What is Tel-Law? 9008
Differences between a civil & criminal suit. 9029
What should I do if I am sued? 9023
What to know about being a witness 9022
Disputes between attorney and client 9006
Giving testimony out of court 8097
Do I have the right to a free attorney? 8063
Power of Attorney 6063
The Client Protection Fund 6110

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Legal Services Corporations 

General Introduction to Legal Services Corporations 6076
Acadiana Legal Services Corporation 6083
Capital Area Legal Services Corporation 6088
Kisatchie Legal Services Corporation 8060
Legal Services of Central Louisiana 8061
New Orleans Legal Assistance Corporation 9005
North Louisiana Legal Services, Inc. 9018
Southwest Louisiana Legal Services 9021
Southeast Louisiana Legal Services Corporation 6100
Southwest Louisiana Legal Services Society, Inc. 6101

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Marriage Contracts 8000
Adopting a child independently 9031
Restraining orders in a divorce 8057
What to do if child support or alimony is not being paid 6075
Who can control community property and
  Who can control debt the husband or the wife? 8017
Community property & separate property 8020
Child support and child support enforcement 9014
General information about adoption procedures 9003
Adopting a child through an agency 9002
Who gets child custody in a divorce? 9000
How financial support for a child or spouse is established in  a divorce 8064
Divorce 8067
Court orders prohibiting domestic violence 6061

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Welfare for families with children 9020
Food stamps 9019
Your welfare rights 6091

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Can bankruptcy help me? 8053
Obtaining discharge in bankruptcy 8065
How can I protect my home against creditors? 8066

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Prepaid funeral and burial arrangements 6090
Gifts for minors 6089
Wills 6087
Force heirship 6086
What is a trust? 9013

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Benefits available if you have had an accident 6085
Libel, slander or defamation 9007
Automobile insurance 9011
Medical and legal malpractice 9012
Are parents responsible for damages caused by their children 9015

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What to do if you are arrested 9028
Bail. What it is and how to get it. 9027
Chemical test for drunk driving 9026
Fighting traffic tickets 9024
Rights of juveniles who are arrested 6077
What is trespassing? 6078
How can I have my arrest record cleared? 9004

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Employment Law 6079
How to file a Workman's Compensation claim. 6082
Patents, trademarks and copyrights 6084
What to do about wage garnishment 9009
What if I am injured at work? 8099
Sexual harassment in the workplace 6059

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Protecting the property of the disabled or sick 9010
Tenant rights and responsibilities 9016
Small Claims procedures 9017
Louisiana Lemon Law 6058

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Pro Bono Projects

General Introduction to Pro Bono Projects 6102
Baton Rouge Bar Foundation Pro Bono Project 6103
Central Louisiana Pro Bono Project, Inc. 6103
Lafayette Volunteer Lawyers Pro Bono Project 6105
New Orleans Pro Bono Project 6106
Shreveport Bar Association Pro Bono Project 6107
Southwest Louisiana Legal Services Society, Inc. 6108
North Louisiana Volunteer Lawyers Project 6109

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